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There’s nothing more hospitable than having a well-stocked bar. With all three flavors in hand you can make sure each friend gets the expression they want.
Tasting Notes
strong spice
barrel notes
100 Percent Agave - Blanco
The storied history of Celaya Tequila begins in Mexico, on the porch of a rural Sonora ranch in the late 1800s. There sits our great-great-grandfather, Jose Celaya, in the shade of the oppressive Mexican sun, sampling the very first batch of his homemade tequila. He is pleased.

It’s more than a spirit, it’s an experience of family.

How we start
We begin with a 50/50 blend of Blue Agave Tequilana Weber (known as pina hearts) from the highland and lowland regions of Jalisco, Mexico. Why the mix? Lowland pinas offer the earthy/spice/caramel flavor we’re after, and highland pina hearts add wonderful fruity notes. Once harvested, the pina hearts are divided into two equal batches and then cooked using two distinct processes.
Our Process
The first batch is cooked in an autoclave while the second is cooked in traditional brick ovens called hornos for up to 54 hours. The point of cooking is to reveal fermentable sugars and natural sweet, mellow flavors. This sugary agave juice is extracted in our shredding process, combined with naturally-occurring yeast and fermented.
The Result
While most tequila is fermented for about 12 hours, the Celaya process is slow and patient, lasting up to 60 hours. And finally, our tequila is twice distilled with renewed patience. The result is a perfectly smooth, small-batch tequila with sublime, layered flavor from the highland and lowland regions. Okay. Enough talk. Let’s get to sipping.
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