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the 1855:

Time: 10 Minutes | Yield: 1 Cocktail


1 ½ oz Celaya Blanco Tequila

3/4 oz Lime Juice

1/2 oz Ginger Syrup

tools needed:

Measuring Cup in Ounces

Cocktail Shaker / Strainer

Here’s how to make The 1855.


Combine all the ingredients into a shaker or mixer with ice. Then, shake or stir for a good five seconds, depending on which you prefer. Using a shaker will provide a slight touch of froth, while a mixer and bar spoon will not.

Strain the cocktail into a coup glass or a glass of your choice.


This cocktail works fantastic without a garnish. However, some nights call for it. We recommend a thin slice of dehydrated starfruit.

Make it for yourself first. Experiment with how you like to garnish and serve it. Then, bust it out during your next dinner party. It’s a cocktail everyone will ask about.

The Three-ingredient Tequila Cocktail Every Enthusiast Should Know

You’ve perfected the margarita. You learned the paloma. Now, you’re looking to take your home bar skills to the next level. Not just for you, but also for the fellow tequila-lovers you host around your table. Before we get into what to make, let’s talk about the why.

A Case for Simple Tequila Cocktails

Sure, they’re quick. But simplicity is not always synonymous with convenience. When it comes to tequila cocktails, we often opt for a simple mix of high quality ingredients. That’s the “secret sauce” to three-ingredient tequila cocktails.
High quality ingredients.

Why Celaya Tequila is the Perfect Tequila for Three-ingredient Cocktails

All of the Celaya expressions can be enjoyed on ice or straight-up. They’re complex in flavor and fun to use in tastings or sipping occasions. However, we never turn our nose up to using them in a cocktail. It’s about what you’re in the mood for. When we’re in the cocktail mood, we don’t throw out our passion for quality. That’s a myth we’re happy to bust. Good cocktails require good tequila. So don’t fall for the trap that you should mix with lower quality ingredients.

Celaya elevates the cocktails you love and can help introduce you to new favorites. It’s un-fussy that way. And when you pull out a bottle at your next soiree, be prepared to answer our favorite question.


1855 is the year our family started producing our own tequila in Sonora, Mexico. Ryan and Matt’s abuela’s great grandfather was the first to sip in satisfaction after a long day’s work more than a century ago. Today, we honor this tradition with the 1855 cocktail recipe.

So when you make one of these, you’re raising a glass of family tradition. Welcome to the Celaya fam.