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Celaya Tequila Journal Post

“Si vale la pena hacer algo, hazlo bien”

–Jose Celaya, 1855-1926

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How to Upgrade Your Go-to Tequila Cocktail at Home (without Complicating Your Bar Cart)

Exceptional does not require more. In fact, one of our favorite ways to make a fine cocktail is with three ingredients. We’ll even take it a step further. Ex- ceptional shouldn’t be fussy. It’s about starting with a wonderful tequila and knowing how to mix ingredients that help it shine on the palate.

A Brief History of the Sonoyta Blue

In honor of our abuelo, Alberto Celaya and the nights he spent drinking tequila with his friends, we have created the Sonoyta Blue.

The Three-ingredient Tequila Cocktail Every Enthusiast Should Know

You’ve perfected the margarita. You learned the paloma. Now, you’re looking to take your home bar skills to the next level. Not just for you, but also for the fellow tequila-lovers you host around your table. Before we get into what to make, let’s talk about the why.

Frecia's Margarita

The key to a good Margarita isn't new invention, but good ingredients and more importantly ... good tequila. For that, we have you covered! We've named this Margarita after our beloved Abuela, Frecia Celaya -- a woman as true and classic as they come.

Our Process

The storied history of Celaya Tequila begins in Mexico, on the porch of a rural Sonora ranch in the late 1800s. Much has changed since the first Celaya made tequila, but our dedication to the craft remains the same.

Matt Kalil

Like his brother, Matt played football on the world stage, becoming the 4th overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft. After many years of hard work, dedication and a pro-bowl Matt retired along with his brother to pursue a new adventure - one rooted in family history.


Ryan Kalil

After 20 years of dedication to the sport of football, it was time for five-time NFL Pro-Bowler Ryan Kalil to retire. What was next? More work and more dedication. But this time towards a new endeavor - one rooted in family history.